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Richard Buyalos
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Ferility Surgical Associates of Californial


Since 1998, the fertility and surgical associates of California (FSAC) has provided the most advanced science and technology to patients all over the world. As a leading reproductive hospital in the United States, the success rate of FSAC in vitro fertilization (IVF) has once again reached the top in the industry. According to the latest statistical results, of the 1460 cases received in 2015 (the average annual number of cases received by various reproductive hospitals in California is 421.7), the reproductive success rate of FSAC in all age groups generally reached 70%, and the average success rate in the industry was only 33.8%, among which the success rate of women under 35 years old was as high as 74%, far exceeding the average level in the industry. FSAC strictly complies with the industry standards of the American Society of reproductive medicine, and makes every effort to help every patient, regardless of their age, follicle stimulating hormone level and their own physical conditions.
FSAC has the world's leading gene detection technology, which can help detect the embryo in advance, select the baby's gender, eliminate the wrong genes, and after the embryo test is normal, parents can transfer frozen embryos. FSAC's research results in 2015 showed that the pregnancy rate of embryos after gene testing was significantly higher than that of embryos not tested, and 95% of patients chose embryo gene testing. What's more, although FSAC hospital is not located in downtown Los Angeles, every year, patients from all over the world choose to go to FSAC for treatment, including a large number of Native Americans. In addition, FSAC can also provide patients with warm and clean apartments and professional "one-to-one" translation. Every doctor can be called a leader in the industry, every nurse is well versed in medical theory, and every employee is careful and responsible.
1、 FSAC advantages
FSAC was founded in 1998, and one of its doctors is the founding doctor of HRC. At present, FSAC has three doctors and about 50 employees, including five Chinese translators, including three offices in the United States. In 2016, there were more than 1000 test tube cycles, and 10-20% of them were Chinese customers. FSAC has its own surrogate cooperation organization and Chinese egg cooperation company.
2、 FSAC features
1. The doctor is attentive, every guest spends a lot of time, and has a dedicated Chinese assistant service;
2. FSAC does not rely on publicity, and most of its customers are introduced to each other;
3. FSAC has the highest success rate in the industry and few failed customers;
4. Different from other American hospitals, FSAC charges us $350 for remote diagnosis and US $490 for face-to-face diagnosis, but customers can give credit card numbers for remote deduction, which is convenient and fast.
3、 FSAC mission
FSAC's mission is to integrate state-of-the-art technology with personalized and compassionate care to achieve the highest pregnancy rate possible.
1. Adapt to nursing, sensitive to individual needs of each patient;
2. It is a test tube baby laboratory with advanced technology and the most advanced scene. There are 8 famous doctors, 4 embryologists and 3 sperm analysts in the laboratory. Among them, Wang Weihua, the director of the laboratory, is a celebrity in the industry.
3. Extend office hours and open 365 days a year.
4、 FSAC laboratory resources
FSAC has the most advanced in vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory and field operation center in China. This helps many patients save valuable time and energy throughout fertility testing and treatment.
FSAC laboratories, located in Los Angeles and Ventura County, are certified by the American Council, CLIA, and cap. Each embryo is handled by experienced and specialized embryologists.